1. What are Clear Aligners?

Clear braces or aligners are the custom-made plastic trays that are worn on the teeth for teeth straightening. Unlike braces, there are no metallic wires, brackets or tiny rubber bands.

2. Do Clear Aligners Really Work?

Yes, Clear Aligners are as effective as metal or ceramic braces. They can treat a large number of malalignments similar to metal braces.

3. Are Clear Aligners better than braces?

Yes, Clear Aligners are far better than braces. They are as effective as braces but with no side effects. They are invisible comfortable, removable and painless.

4. Can Invisible Aligners/braces damage teeth?

Invisible aligners are very gentle on your teeth and gums. There is absolutely no risk of damage to your teeth, gums and bone. They are risk free because they apply a very calculated and targeted force on each tooth. The amount of force applied by clear aligners can be controlled by the computer software used to manufacture them.

5. How do I keep my Invisible aligners clear ?

To keep your aligners clear and transparent always remove them before you eat or drink anything. You can only drink room temperature water with your aligners on. All other food items may stain your aligners. Clean your aligners with a gentle toothbrush and toothpaste once a day when you remove them to brush your teeth. Also wash your aligners in clean running water each time you remove them and store them in the carry case provided.

6. What are the benefits of Clear Aligners?

Aligners have multiple features. They are removable, comfortable, and virtually invisible and allow you to enjoy every aspect of life which makes them preferable over braces.

7. How long should you wear aligners?

Aligners must be worn for 22 hours a day to get the expected result. Aligners should only be removed for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene.

8. What teeth misalignments can be corrected with clear aligners?

Clear aligners help in teeth straightening. Anyone suffering from mal-aligned teeth, overbite, cross-bite, gaps in teeth can take aligner treatment after consulting an orthodontist.

9. How should you clean your aligners?

Use the cleaning kit. If you do not have the cleaning kit, you may clean them by using a soft-bristled toothbrush and recommended toothpaste. Gently brush the aligners and wash them thoroughly with clean water.

10. At what age can you start wearing your clear aligner?

Clear Aligners are suitable for all ages. However, the patient must have all permanent teeth erupted.

11. Do Clear Aligners Hurt?

Clear Aligners are so comfortable that they feel like second skin. They donot hurt at all. It is an absolutely painless treatment. Specially aligners that are hand finished are very gentle to the teeth and gums.

12. What are the best clear aligners?

Clear aligners are made by many companies. There are few companies which stand out from the rest because of the quality they produce. 32Watts clear aligners is one such company which is considered to be the best clear aligners company in India due to their unparalleled quality and efficacy.

13. Can you eat with Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners can be removed to eat the food of your choice. There are no dietary restrictions during your orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. You should never eat with your aligners on because the food may stain or damage your aligners. Since aligners are removable, you can just remove them and eat or drink anything you wish.

14. Do braces work faster than Invisible Braces?

Braces may seen to work faster than clear aligners but the teeth is that both braces and aligners take approximately the same time to correct any misalignment. The forces applied in clear aligners can be controlled via the software, Depending on the patient dental condition the clear aligners treatment time can be regulated.

Clear Aligners vs. Braces

7. What is the difference between clear aligners and metallic braces?

Aligners are medical grade clear plastic trays that can be worn on the teeth. They are comfortable, flexible, nearly invisible and removable. Whereas braces are metal or ceramic brackets that are bonded/fixed on your teeth till your teeth are aligned. They are easy to notice, hard to clean and non-removable.

8. Do I need to visit the dentist’s clinic often like in case of braces?

Not at all, aligners require only a few dental visits, just to check the treatment progression or any issue with the fitting of aligners. While in braces, a patient needs to visit the dental clinic frequently to tighten the wires and undergo modifications.

9. How is oral hygiene easy with aligners?

When it comes to oral hygiene, it is an essential part of our day to day living and an integral part of our overall health. With braces, you need to maintain oral hygiene many times in a day because of food particles getting stuck in your braces whereas in aligners you just have to wash them whenever you remove them to eat or brush your teeth.

10. Is there any chance of aligner breakage or damage?

Clear aligners are made up of a strong medical grade plastic. There are little or no chances of any breakage or damage if you remove and wear them carefully according to your dentist’s instructions. With braces, the patient faces a tough time in maintaining metallic wires and brackets.

11. What are the food restrictions while wearing clear aligners?

Clear aligners are completely removable. Therefore, you can have any food or drink you want just by removing them. There are no food restrictions in clear aligners. But always clean your mouth and the aligners when you wear them back again.

Do’s and Don’ts of Clear Aligner

12. Do I Need to Remove Aligners While Eating?

Aligners allow you to eat and drink whatever you want. As aligners are made of medical grade plastic, they are prone to get damaged if exposed to heat or chemicals. Therefore, If you eat or drink anything while wearing aligners, it will diminish the quality and colour of the aligner and may disfigure them. As a result, they will not work efficiently anymore. Therefore, you must remove them during eating or drinking.

13. I Start My Day with Tea/Coffee, Do I Need to Remove Aligners?

Yes, tea and coffee and contains high amounts of colour pigment. If you wear aligners when you are drinking coffee or tea, it will leave colour on the aligner and aligner will become discoloured. So, remove the aligner during such consumptions.

14. Can I Chew Gum While Wearing Aligners?

Chewing gum is not suitable for aligners as it may get stuck in the aligners and damage them. Therefore, orthodontists advise you not to do so.

15. Can I Drink Alcohol When Wearing My Aligners?

No, because of the high sugar content in alcohol, it will discolour the aligners. You should make sure sugar does not get trapped between your teeth and aligner. The same applies to other sugary beverages also.

16. Can I sleep wearing Clear Aligners?

Of course, you can. In fact, while you are sleeping aligners get enough time to work. But clean the aligners and your mouth when you wake up in the morning and insert them back again.

17. Will aligners affect my speech?

Only at the initial stage, you may experience some discomfort/lisp while speaking. Once your mouth becomes habitual to aligners, it won’t affect your speech anymore.

Cases treatable with Aligner

18. Can my crooked teeth be treated with clear aligners?

Aligner can effectively straighten crooked teeth. Discuss your requirements with your dentist during the consultation.

19. What is a poor bite? How can it be corrected?

A poor bite is quite common. Normally your upper teeth overlap the lower teeth by 2 mm. When the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth, it is called a crossbite even if it is a single tooth overlap. Such kind of poor bite can be corrected with the clear aligner treatment.

20. What if someone is having gaps between teeth?

Aligners can also correct the gaps between teeth. Clear aligners gradually close the gap between the teeth by moving them closer.

Aligners Cost

21. How much does clear aligner treatment cost?

Well, it depends on the individual case requirements. No prediction can be made without consultation. The cost depends on the number of aligners required to correct your teeth. Ask an orthodontist to know about the exact treatment cost in your case.

22. Can I pay the treatment fee in instalments?

We have flexible payment options including instalments. Please contact your dentist to know the details.